Articles tagged with poetry

  • Which Poetic Form is Best?
    How to choose which form to use to write a poem.
    • poetry
    • writing
  • How to Understand Poetry
    A brief attempt to explain how to frame and understand poetry.
    • poetry
    • resource-list
    • reading
  • Son of Cain
    Thoughts on Steinbeck's East of Eden and a poem inspired by the story of Cain and Abel.
    • poetry
    • writing
    • literature
    • books
  • Typesetting Poems with LaTeX
    An introduction to typesetting poetry with LaTeX
    • poetry
    • LaTeX
    • typesetting
    • tech
  • On Writing Poems Daily
    My reflections on writing one poem every day for a year.
    • poetry
    • writing
    • habit

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