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Digital Literacy

The Problem

Do you use the Internet or does the internet use you?

  • What we lost when we stopped reading
    by George Will
  • by Shery Turkle
  • by Karen Swallow Prior

Other names that come to mind when I think about this conversation are

, , , and the dystopic writers - especially in Brave New World and in Fahrenheit 451.

The Solution

Not using technology doesn’t appear to be an option. Especially when you consider 2020 and the rise of quarantine that requires technology for life, and the economy to continue. The question then becomes, how do we use our technology in a way that is wise, and enables us to do good work? Aware that it can change the way we think, but promoting thoughtfulness and wisdom.

I don’t have a polished answer but I am working on one. I think the people who are putting a lot of thought into how to use technology are the people working and developing new web technologies. Their living is made using these tools and its in their best interest to use these tools well.

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Learn in Public

Work with the garage door up
: “Part of the problem of social media is that there is no equivalent to the scientific glassblowers’ sign, or the woodworker’s open door, or Dafna and Jesse’s sandwich boards. On the internet, if you stop speaking: you disappear. And, by corollary: on the internet, you only notice the people who are speaking nonstop.”

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