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Divisions of Content

When I think about producing prose content on this digital garden, I think about it in three lengths:

  • Notes 📓: That’s what you’re reading. They’re incomplete, compilations of other people’s thoughts, ideas, or sometimes just the equivalent of me doodling instead of paying attention to something else.
  • Articles 📜: These are finished pieces. Their size could 3 paragraphs or 300 but the theme is that they generally take <30 minutes to read. Some thought and effort has gone into structuring and editing these pieces, but the barrier to publication is relatively low. These are probably best read online, I keep some of mine here
  • Books 📚: These are finished pieces but even longer and more polished than articles. Books are less functions of space, and more functions of time and effort.

When I think about poetry the same divisions apply. Notes are the place where you play with ideas (see playful learning), collect ideas, and prepare to write. Poems are finished pieces. And Collections of poetry or poetry books collect the finished product and present it in a thoughtful manner.


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