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How I write these notes

I write most of my notes currently using

. The good thing about this is that it can export to markdown. The difficult thing is that it makes it difficult to keep a single source of truth. Do I edit in my GitHub repository? If I do then my bear is out of date and I can no longer easily edit on my phone.

Iโ€™ve decided to continue using

as my editor. Any changes I want to make to my notes I make in here and then I export the markdown file to the ./content/notes folder on my repository and push to GitHub. The problem I discovered is that when notes are exported from bear to gatsby-theme-brain the title appears twice - first from the title that the theme generates and then again from the markdown character # . In order to get around this that moves the title at the top of the exported bear note into a front matter block at the top of the notes.

In the case of this note the title of the bear note is currently:

# How I write these notes

after executing the script it becomes

title: โ€œHow I write these notesโ€

so currently the plan is to edit in bear, export to the website repository, then run the script to standardize the title.

I am interested in further optimizing this, potentially using something like an Alfred workflow or a modified version of

but for now this flow seems to work.


Add to script and use an

snippet to build out a template note with space for aliases and tags.

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