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how the blog broke the internet - amy hoy




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“But once you are given a tool that operates effortlessly — but only in a certain way — every choice that deviates from the standard represents a major cost.”

“Movable Type was designed by bloggers who wrote new diary entries every single day. The form followed that function slavishly. Far from helping to organize or manage free-form content, the format was rigid: title, category, entry. And aside from the single entry itself, you had just four choices for page type: daily (chrono), weekly (chrono), monthly (chrono), and the surprise wildcard, category. But inside that category archive, the posts were arranged by date. Automatically. No human input required… or allowed. Thus began the Chronological Sort Era.”

“There are no more quirky homepages. There are no more amateur research librarians. All thanks to a quirky bit of software produced to alleviate the pain of a tiny subset of a very small audience.”

All tech decisions have unintended consequences. See

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