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My Toolbox🧰

Here are some of the languages, tools, and items I use to design websites, create content, and get work done.

Web Development Tools

  • React - The frontend Javascript framework I have the most experience in.
  • Gatsby - The static site generator that I used to build this website.
  • Svelte - My go to framework for single page websites with animations.
  • Next.js - A more recent addition to my static site repertoire.
  • HTML - One of the most faithful tools in my toolbox. I first started learning the basics of HTML in middle school and still use it to this day.
  • CSS - I’m learning more and more that most stylistic things that I try to do in Javascript can be done with CSS.

Writing Tools

  • Doom Emacs - I tend to default to using Org-Mode for long form writing on my computer as well as taking notes
  • Bear - For writing when I’m on the go.
  • Pen & Paper - I buy my fountain pens and ink from goulet pen company

Note Taking Systems

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