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Of Digital Streams, Campfires, and Gardens


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Of Digital Streams, Campfires and Gardens

Streams: fast, twitch thinking and acting. Fast feedback.

Any connections that are made are fleeting and primarily live in your head, unless you record them. But then even if you tweet them they become part of the stream of information and flow under. The farther away temporally they are the farther away down your timeline they are. Interesting that timeline is inherently a linear term

Question - How do we build and maintain our own personal information gardens. Environments we can tend and grow over decades. Reminds me of

’s question, how do we make money not just for a year, but for 100 years

He references this article:

quote from that article:

In the Garden, to ask what happened first is trivial at best. The question “Did the bridge come after these trees” in a well-designed garden is meaningless historical trivia. The bridge doesn’t reply to the trees or the trees to the bridge. They are related to one another in a relatively timeless way.
This is true of everything in the garden. Each flower, tree, and vine is seen in relation to the whole by the gardener so that the visitors can have unique yet coherent experiences as they find their own paths through the garden. We create the garden as a sort of experience generator, capable of infinite expression and meaning

Stream you don’t experience intentionally, it happens to you. You are carried by the stream. While if we think about the art of

one of the most vital ideas I’ve seen in poor tech use vs good tech use is intentionality.

Some spaces are campfires - they gather people for a season and then fade and die out. A lot of blogs or even articles work like this. They are here to talk about a season of life and people read them around a season. My own publication of poems every day on my old wordpress site fits this theme. People came and saw the new poem every day, but only a couple people ever reread old poems.

is an example of turning a campfire into a garden.

This note space and

also are an attempt at creating an intentional, curated, explorable space aka a garden.

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