I’m Daniel — Poet, Writer, Tinkerer

This site is a digital garden — an organic space that is meant to be explored as I work and tend it.

Here you’ll find longer form articles, poems, raw notes, and the occasional blog post.

Latest Blog Posts

  • Editing a Year
    Tue Dec 27 2022
    • 2022
    • year in review
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    • editing
  • Data, Writing, and Time
    Fri May 27 2022
  • Spring, Eternity, Beauty
    Tue Mar 22 2022

Featured Articles

  • How Temperatures have Changed in the Places I’ve Called Home
    Unscientific temperature analysis of places I've lived and reflections on how we interact with our homes.
  • Create a Basic Svelte Site
    A short guide to creating a simple Svelte site with animations and transitions.
  • Hypertext Writing
    Every medium has its strengths. There are considerable strengths inherent to a digital, web-based, way of thinking -- first and foremost is the sheer amount of interactivity and connections you can make.
  • Art Doesn't Have to be Viral
    The promise of the internet is one of instant fame, and if you play your cards right, fortune that can literally take you to the stars, but is that really art's purpose?

Featured Poems

  • Time must now sit still
    A haiku by D.S. Chapman
  • The Nighthawk
    A poem by D.S. Chapman
  • Sunset
    A poem from Seasons of Thought by D.S. Chapman
  • Evergreen
    🌲 A poem by D.S. Chapman
  • Evening Praise
    A poem from Seasons of Thought by D.S. Chapman


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