I’m Daniel — Poet, Writer, and Tech Tinkerer

What do poetry and technology have in common? They both sound like gibberish to anyone on the outside.

But poetry and technology don’t have to be gibberish; they can each be elegant and powerful tools and companions for every-day life. As someone on the border of technology and the humanities I am passionate about making both technology and poetry more accessible.

This site is a Digital Garden, meaning that it is an organic space that is meant to be explored as I work and tend it.

Here you’ll find longer form articles and poems as well as my raw notes.

Featured Articles

Featured Poems

  • Time must now sit still
    A haiku by D.S. Chapman
  • The Nighthawk
    A poem by D.S. Chapman
  • Sunset
    A poem from Seasons of Thought by D.S. Chapman
  • Evergreen
    🌲 A poem by D.S. Chapman


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