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D.S. Chapman

My name is Daniel Chapman and I am a writer, poet, and all around technology enthusiast raised in the Pacific Northwest and living in Virginia. I am passionate about making both poetry and technology more accessible to those outside those fields.

Explore this site for more information about me and my eccentric variety of projectsEccentric feels like a strong word, but one of my projects is learning the 1976 text editor - Emacs, including my poetry collection β€” Seasons of Thought and my current tech projects.

I love learning and as a firm believer in the liberal arts, I don’t think learning should be segmented, so here you’ll see my interests represented β€” literature, poetry, web development, coding, and whatever else I decide to put on here. Enjoy, I certainly enjoyed making it!

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About This Website

This website currently has three different types of content β€” articles, poems, and notes β€” but the unifying metaphor is one of a digital garden, a place where content grows and develops over time, is interconnected and where content is presented in organic as well as manicured ways.For more on digital gardens web.digital-garden.

In order to help distinguish the different types of links on this website I have styled links in three different ways. Internal links are underlined in blue, while links to my notes are highlighted, and external links are distinguished by red underlines.

I hope you enjoy exploring this website. If you’re curious about how this website was built make sure to check out how I coded this website or the source code.


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