A Poem on Psalm 2

The ties which bind us to our king
were forged before the sun was lit,
were linked before the gravities
of every one were woven tight.

Our prince will reign.
Long Live the prince!
He forged these ties before our eyes
first knew him as our rightful king.
He called us brother even then.

β€œWho made you king? Who made you judge?”
We asked when we first found these bonds.
We sought a foreign smith to forge
a way apart from pointless chords.

His laugh was music fierce and free
β€œDoes not he see who made you see?
Has he not ears who gave you ears?”
He gently halters at our heart

until we call him as he is
and was and yet will be β€” a king
whose halls will yet and ever ring
with laughter mixed with proper fear.

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