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md-roam is an extension of that allows you to implement web.bidirectional-links in markdown files. I installed in my Emacs setup.

Note: As of 8/28/20 I don’t have md-roam active on my emacs.


To install the package using Doom I added the following lines to my packages.el file:

(package! md-roam :recipe
  (:host github :repo "nobiot/md-roam"))
(unpin! org-roam)

Notice that the package is installed before org-roam is.

I set up md-roam as a second Org-Roam folder - which means that it has its own database file separate from my “main” one. The md-roam are almost formatted the same as gatsby-theme-brain files and so my existing public notes folder on my website did not need to change much.I did have to remove quotation marks from the title in the frontmatter of my markdown notes. md-roam doesn’t expect a quote delineated string.


First I setup a second org-roam directory by creating a .dir-locals.el file.

I also added the following lines to my config.el file:

(use-package! md-roam ; load immediately, before org-roam
  (setq md-roam-file-extension-single "md"))

and then also in config.el inside the use-package org-roam declaration you should add the following:

(use-package! org-roam
  ;; add markdown extension to org-roam-file-extensions list
  (setq org-roam-file-extensions '("org" "md"))
  (setq org-roam-title-sources '((mdtitle title mdheadline headline) (mdalias alias)))

Once I had everything configured I opened my notes directory and created the org-roam database by running M-x org-roam-db-build-cache.

Finally because this is in a sub folder of my git-controlled website I added .dir-locals.el and org-roam.db to my .git-ignore file.


Still figuring this out. At first I was disappointed to realize that I couldn’t just click on the wiki-style double bracket links to jump to the relevant files. Backlinks were showing up but I couldn’t click. I then discovered that in markdown-mode you follow links by typing C-c C-o. This will jump to the file if it exists or create it if it doesn’t.


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