Learning in Public

Learning in Public is an interesting idea that I first heard on tech twitter with people talking about learning in public and conversations with people.zac-jones about his work facilitating learning by design at Zac Jones.

Andy Matuschak, ties this with the need to make yourself known on the internet. A way to let people know what you do.

Work with the garage door up : “Part of the problem of social media is that there is no equivalent to the scientific glassblowers’ sign, or the woodworker’s open door, or Dafna and Jesse’s sandwich boards. On the internet, if you stop speaking: you disappear. And, by corollary: on the internet, you only notice the people who are speaking nonstop.”

Lately I’ve started learning web development in public more often. Although I have often found more fulfilment and gotten more feedback learning alongside smaller communities — with a group of friends or in a book club.



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