Reading and Writing Parallel

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Connected pages are called a flight - similar to blogchains

In the xanadu system notes are intrinsically linked to the thing being taken notes on. In some ways that is one thing that my Xanadu public and private (using org roam) attempts to tackle

There is too much to say and it goes in all directions. Writing reduces and simplifies this complexity

writing in parallel makes this easier allowing you to divide the problem into smaller problems.

Two approaches - throughline and outline.

  • The finest prose writing is written on a through-line. You have a starting and a finish and other points you weave them together.

Recommends Structure Much writing is on a throughline from zinger to zinger. Deciding what to say first is hard because you’re also deciding what you’re saying last.

writing is dividing up into flying pages - like indivdual notes - and then condensing. You don’t have to cut so much because you can put the more obscure things in pages for people to read if they’re interested. — like footnotes on steroids

Soon after watching this, I came across this demo on twitter:

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