How to Edit Mailchimp Templates

Mailchimp has a variety of drag and drop email templates that you can use for email marketing. The problem comes when you want to create your own template that will closely align with your brand. Mailchimp has some ability to customize, or code your own template, but that comes at higher price points and higher technical ranges.

One way that you can start with one of Mailchimp’s basic templates is by making use of the html <style> tag in Mailchimp’s “Code” Block.

Start by creating an html file somewhere on your computer, version control it, and start writing CSS to style your headings, links, paragraphs, and other elements of your template.

You can even include custom Google fonts using the link tags they provide <link href "<;500&display=swap>" rel="stylesheet">

Once you’ve written up your style sheet simply paste it into a “Code” Block in your Mailchimp Template. I like to leave some text in there so that I can easily select the styles and paste in new ones.


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