What is Emacs?

Emacs is a text editor that is highly extensible. Emacs was originally created in 1976 by Richard Stallman. Emacs is open source and has a rich history of interesting packages being created for it that add the functionality of other programs.

One of the most powerful of these is the markup language org-mode which is a more powerful version of markdown that can easily be exported to LaTeX, word documents, and other formats.

Emacs can be configured to be the best place to write code for programming as well as a one-stop shop for word-processing

Getting Started with Emacs

Because there are so many different ways to configure and setup Emacs one of the best ways to get up and running quickly with Emacs is to use someone else’s setup as

I’ve been using the Doom variant of Emacs as my main way of notes.how-i-write-these-notes. Doom allows me to use taking notes commands in Emacs.

I also use org-roam which is package that was created to recreate the functionality of Roam Research



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